Calm, Serene, Peaceful  ~  Oil Paintings


New Smyrna Beach, FL ~ Indianapolis, IN ~ L’viv, Ukraine

  Original Oil Paintings

Original oils are not available for sale at this time.






  “I don’t want to simply reflect life in my paintings—I want to enhance life, to add something positive.  I want my paintings to have a mood—a peacefulness,  or perhaps a quiet joyfulness, confidence or reflection. It is my hope that people will look at my paintings and be transported to a place they love or want to be—that when my painting is in a home, or other space, it will bring a sense of calm - helping to make the environment a place you want to be. I use the subject matter, the colors, the composition, the shapes and lines to create the mood.  And oil paint is the perfect medium—I can blend the exact colors I want from just the same seven colors I’ve used for years I know them well; I draw out the paint, blending, smoothing or leaving thick brush strokes, or use pallet knifes—I am not restricted by the medium, not dependant on “happy accidents” as fun as that may sound. I believe that art will always communicate something about the artist, and my hope is that I can reach in and find beautiful things within and lay them on the canvas.”

   Many of Georgia's oils hold a dreamlike quality that sets the imagination wandering along a deserted beach at dawn or rocking on an old porch, in quiet reflection.  When painting children and women they are often absorbed in the beauty of their surroundings, ignoring the viewer.  In her portraits she is able to capture the personality of the subject, as well as the likeness.  Lavish use of light and shadow give depth to  her work, but it's most essential characteristic is the sweet peaceful feeling that her paintings evoke in the viewer.