My husband is a pastor who now teaches

in Bible colleges,  churches , around the world.

 In Africa, he works with  Far Reaching Ministries.















I often join Dennis on his trips and there is plenty of work for me to do also.  On  Two of his trips I joined him  in South Sudan  -  teaching, translating my children’s literature and  painting murals.  What a joy! 














I love these ladies!


Click here to see a 10 minute movie about our ministry in Sudan

I’ve been creating illustrated little books of Bible verses

for African children.

Here are a few example pages of the Acholi version

and English translation:


























I have these easy to print one page tracts (or as little booklets) available in Acholi, Madi, Lokoya, Swahili, and English.


I can send free  PDF or Word files

to anyone who wishes to

distribute them at no cost.

   I Accakki piny

Lubanga oketo

 polo ki lobo.


Acakki 1:1


In the beginning, God created

the heavens

 and the earth

Genesis 1:1

An anyutte botgi ki ka mabor.

Wun jo Icrael kare ducu abedo ka marowu, kit meno pud amedde ki nyuto botwu mar mera ma pe lokke.


Jeremia 31:3


The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying: "Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.”

Jeremiah 31:3


Dennis & I have been married for 44 years — plenty of time to accrue 5 daughters and 24 grandchildren. 

Yes: twenty-four!

 Here is a photo of us with  19 of them in  2011.

Georgia Janisse

Calm, Serene, Peaceful  ~  Oil Paintings

My website about 2’s:

Calm, Serene, Peaceful  ~  Oil Paintings


Indianapolis, Indiana, New Smyrna Beach, Florida,

L’viv, Ukraine

I so often paint people from the back (for so many reasons  but primarily to connect with you by giving room to your imagination). Since I also often use my daughters and grandchildren as models, I thought you’d like to see some of their faces for a change :D